A look at the history of the mysterious firm Crypto Capital and its ties to Bitfinex as court cases brew. Over the past week, news broke detailing that Oz Yosef, an executive of the mysterious firm Crypto Capital, has been indicted by the United States for conspira... Read More

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United States Congressman Tom Emmer announced that he is introducing a new bill that can provide regulatory certainty for cryptocurrencies. United States Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN) intends to introduce new legislation to provide regulatory certainty for cryptocurrencies.On Oct. 24, Congressman Tom Emmer, who serves as the Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee's Task Force on financial technology, announced that he is introducing a new law that can provide a clear path to regulato... Read More

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Bitcoin is trading at a large premium on cryptocurrency exchanges in Argentina. Demand remains high after the nation’s central bank announced a further tightening of a limit on the number of dollars an individual can purchase from it each month. The policy essentially forces the people of Argentina to either sink of swim in an... The post Bitcoin Trades at Large Premium in Argentina as Dollar Purchase Restrictions Set In appeared first on NewsBTC. Read More

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Five European Union member countries are purportedly creating a unified front against the issuance of Facebook’s proposed Libra stablecoin. Five European Union member countries have reportedly teamed up to prevent the issuance of Facebook’s stablecoin Libra.Private meetings to turn EU against LibraFollowing a series of private meetings in October, France is reportedly leading the anti-Libra effort with Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, political news publication Politico Europe Read More

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CME Group revealed the product specifications for its bitcoin options contracts on Wednesday, targeting a 2020 launch. Read More

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Last week, Bitcoin marked one of the largest 24-hour surges in its history after the king coin hiked by a massive 42 percent over a short period of time, taking its valuation to over $10,400 for a brief hour. Ethereum, playing the second fiddle in the industry, had a relatively strong September until the 24th, […] The post Ethereum leads Bitcoin in daily transaction count, despite 2% market cap decline appeared first on AMBCrypto. Read More

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An aluminum plant in Russia’s northern Karelia region could soon be hosting one of the largest Bitcoin mining facilities in the country. Of course, the plant is no longer serving its primary purpose after being decommissioned in 2018. The electricity supply to the facility, however, remains as it was and is heavily under-utilized. To course-correct, […] The post Russian Bitcoin Mining Firm Owned By Putin Aide Aims to Control 20% of BTC Hashrate appeared first on BeInCrypto. Read More

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Bitcoin price continues to fall after a massive surge late last week sent the price of the first-ever crypto asset skyrocketing, blasting through resistance and revisiting five-digit prices briefly before it began to cool off. Now, Bitcoin is flirting with a drop below $9,000, but thus far $9,000 has provided strong support. Here are the... The post As Bitcoin Price Drops To $9K, Here Are the Targets Traders Are Watching appeared first on NewsBTC. Read More

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Here's what to make of the milestone. Read More

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Bitcoin’s value proposition was purportedly just validated with news that the Federal Reserve, the United States’ monetary authority, would be cutting its policy interest rate… again. It is important to point out, however, that the price of the cryptocurrency hasn’t immediately reacted to this news. Stocks, however, have, with companies’ shares rallying by around 0.5%... The post Federal Reserve Cuts Rates by 0.25%: Bullish for Bitcoin appeared first on NewsBTC. Read More

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